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October 26, 2002 The ôZerkalo Nedeliö Newspaper ╣ 41 (416)
Caspian Roach Is not a Friend to Beer, and Some Other Useful Information on Amber-Yellow Drink Consumer Culture original language

In other words, to organize the "beer education" in order to introduce the basics of cultural consumption of the amber-yellow drink. The Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery has taken the lead in arranging such education — the all-Ukrainian educational program "Opened Beer".

March 22, 2002 The ôSegodniaö Newspaper ╣64 (1112)
President Enjoyed ôIceö Beer original language

Of course, Mr. Leonid Kuchma visited the Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery not with the view of beer tasting, though he liked the products of the brewery. So, the President wrote in the Book of Distinguished Guests: "Having tasted the "Ice" beer today, I have become its great devotee. Of course, I mean not only the beer but also your excellent team."

February 5, 2002 The ôSegodniaö Newspaper ╣27 (1075)
Studentsĺ Love for ôSlavutichö Is Mutual original language

"One should support young hopefuls", was the decision of the Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery. And together with the Kyiv City State Administration they established an unprecedented competition for the students of the colleges of the capital "Scholarship of "Slavutich" — for the Best".

January 28, 2002 The ôCompanionö Magazine
ôSlavutichö Brewery Has Announced the Launch of ôTuborg Gold Labelö Beer original language

According to the decision of the Carlsberg Breweries Board of Directors, all the rights of production and sale of the "Tuborg" beer in the territory of Ukraine have been conveyed to the Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery since this January.

January 27, 2001 the ôZerkalo Nedeliö Newspaper ╣ 4 (328) January 27 Ś February 2, 2001
ôSlavutichö: Winning Behaviour original language

The ship is tested during the storm. This time-honoured axiom is true of business, as well. Any company, as any person, should have a strong internal pivot, a character, which makes it possible to reach a goal and find a way out of any situation with dignity. The Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery has such a pivot.

August 28, 2000 The ôCompanionö Magazine
One Hundred Million Litres of Beer! original language

A hundred-million "milestone" has been surpassed by the Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery. Till 1998 the annual capacity of the enterprise made up 72 million litres. But after the overall renovation and installation of new equipment it doubled.

March 20, 2000 The ôCompanionö Magazine
The Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery Is Honoured with another International Award original language

At the beginning of March in Geneva (Switzerland) the Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery was recognised with the International Award for Technology and Quality of a New Millennium and its name was recorded in the Technology Book of Honour.


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