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March 15, 2013 UA () No.5
Experience, diploma and language  original language

No matter what they say about the importance of professional experience, the diploma is the key that opens the doors for the young specialist. Higher education is one of the most important investments in the life of any successful person. Moreover, according to a leading HR expert at Carlsberg Ukraine Inna Tsiona, motivation of the graduate and his/her understanding of why he/she needs a job in a particular company, and what he/she wants to achieve is important in the headhunting.

March 11, 2013 Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine (Kiev) No.52
"Person of the Year 2012" awards ceremony original language

TM Lvivske won the award in the category "NATIONAL TRADE MARK OF THE YEAR" in the national program "Person of the Year 2012".

March 6, 2013 Excise
Cider: A foreign native so far original language

Cider is not a novice in the Ukrainian market. However, we cannot say much about its widespread popularity. 3-4 years ago only one or two types of domestic cider and an imported drink were available in Ukraine. Currently, the market is more saturated. Brewing giant Carlsberg entered it two years ago with its TM Somersby drink.

March 1, 2013
Forbes names 25 best Ukrainian bosses original language

In its March issue, Forbes-Ukraine magazine published the rating of the country’s 25 most efficient CEOs. Peter Chernyshov, the CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine brewing company and Vice-President of Carlsberg Eastern Europe, is included.

February 22, 2013 HR Manager No.2, 2013
Development program: lets study English original language

The employees' training and promotion are very important processes at Carlsberg Ukraine and throughout the Carlsberg Group in general. We develop the employees' professional competences, leadership skills, communication skills, personal efficiency. The English language course is among the training programs, which the company is justifiably proud of.

February 18, 2013
How to make mistakes correctly. Excerpts from the correspondence of Peter Chernyshov, CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine original language

In March, Forbes will publish the list of the top 25 CEO in Ukraine. Peter Chernyshov, CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine, is one of the list toppers. One of his managerial know-how is the message to employees.

January 24, 2013 www.pivnoe-delo
Ukraine: beer brand building growth original language

In 2012, the palette of the Ukrainian beer market has become much brighter and more interesting. New products being mostly “trialled” in the Russian beer market, rapidly gained its market share due to the old brands. It shall be said that Žatecky Gus was a better fill-up rather for the Ukrainian portfolio of Carlsberg Group brands than for the Russian one. The idea of using hops as the main advantage of Žatecky Gus was a success in many respects. First of all, it's due to the fact that the hops enabled to speak convincingly about the quality and create the European image of the brand.

January 18, 2013 Companion (Kiev) No.1
12 lessons of 2012 original language

Having talked to the companies' top managers and owners, Companion has defined 12 most general lessons of 2012. Peter Chernyshov, Vice President of Eastern Europe at Carlsberg Group and CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine shared with the readers his lessons learnt during the last year.

January 17, 2013 Ukraine Centre (Kirovograd) No.3
Lvov vacations original language

I have been in love with Lvov since long ago, even though we are apart — separated by distance and practical impossibility of our reunion. So when our friends invited us for Christmas holidays, the answer was clear: “Let's go!” The museum of beer was the first place to visit during our tour. It was opened in 2005 on the territory of Lvov Brewery, which is considered the oldest in Ukraine. The official opening date of Lvov Brewery is 1715, hence the name of the most popular Lvov beer.

December 28, 2012 Our City (Nashe Misto) (Dnepropetrovsk) No.151 (3615)
Celebrating Christmas in Lvov original language

This year Lvivske beer has hosted a number of Christmas events for the residents and guests of the ancient city of Lvov. In particular, a traditional Christmas Market and ice rink will be opened in the centre of Galicia capital during winter holidays with the support of Lvivske.

December 22, 2012 Vecherniy Kharkov No.144 (9968)
Welcoming dear guests original language

It is a New Year tradition to visit your relatives and friends during this time. And a guest should have a good treat, so each host tries to serve something special and festive. The new exclusive brand Lvivske Rzdvyane — a beer with a taste of the holidays — was created especially for the occasion.

December 21, 2012 Den (Day) (Kyiv) No.234
Lvivske invites to celebrate Christmas together original language

This year, on January 7, the epicenter of events moves to Adam Mickiewicz Square — Lvivske beer invites to celebrate Christmas together. There will be lots of surprises and fun. The guests of the celebration will be the first in Ukraine to see Lviv outdoor mysteries musical, which tells the history of Christmas celebration traditions since the Middle Ages, Rzeczpospolita and Austro-Hungarian Empire until today and demonstrates how all these traditions are intertwined and preserved in modern celebrations of Christmas in Lviv.

December 21, 2012 Den (Day) (Kyiv) 234
Lvivske Rizdvyane the beer with taste of holiday original language

“Christmas — one of the most important holidays, and brewers have long been famous for their hospitality. Therefore they have always been preparing for it in a special way: invented new recipes of beer, brewed it and served it round, — says the leading brand manager of TM Lvivske at Calsberg Ukraine Taras MATSYPURA. — And reviving the old tradition we present amber drink Lvivske Rizdvyane to its fans.”

December 21, 2012 Den (Day) (Kyiv) 234
Museum of Brewing in Lviv tells about the first Ukrainian beer original language

I remember once my friend took me to the Museum of Brewing at 18 Kleparivska Str. It was opened in 2005 on the occasion of 290-th anniversary of Lviv Brewery founding. After visiting the museum I wanted to test the history. I remember the taste of “1715”: sweet hops, selected malt and crystal clear water ... The taste of the first Ukrainian beer!

December 21, 2012 Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine (Kyiv) 286
Lvivske beer revives good Christmas traditions original language

In Ukraine, Christmas has always been a special holiday — a tasty, warm and family one. Nowadays the really noisy and joyful Christmas celebrations and performances can be seen only in Western Ukraine. The traditions are particularly cherished in Lviv. Rejoicing the holiday, Lviv citizens put off all their affairs and worries to visit friends, to communicate with the relatives. Moreover, Christmas can't do without gifts and treats. Especially for this case, Lvivske beer prepared the new special variety — Lvivske Rizdvyane for all connoisseurs of the drink.

December 21, 2012
Carlsberg and Rosynka freeze ice tea original language

Brewing Company Carlsberg Ukraine has given up the further development of TM Top Tea ice tea after the two-year existence of the brand. “When we came into this market, we had some idea about it — market size, trends, players. Many of our ideas about the market were wrong. Perhaps, we came with the wrong product or invested insufficiently in marketing promotion,” — explains the company's decision Peter Chernyshov, CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine.

December 18, 2012
Why Carlsberg Ukraine counts on kvass and cider original language

Peter Chernyshov, CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine, Vice President of Eastern Europe, told about the peculiarities of the beer, kvass and cider market development in Ukraine.

December 17, 2012
What the Ukrainians drink in crisis original language

Peter Chernyshov, CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine, Vice President of Eastern Europe, expresses his opinion on Ukraine's beer market situation.

December 16, 2012
Peter Chernyshov is re-elected to the Board of Directors of the US Chamber of Commerce in 2013 original language

The annual meeting of the members of the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) in Ukraine, which took place on December 12, re-elected Peter Chernyshov to the Board of Directors of the Association. CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine brewing company holds this position for the fifth time.
“Peter holds the post of Treasurer, supports and oversees the work of the Customs Policy Committee as legal representative of the Board of Directors and is actively involved in the activities of the recently established for the Food Industry Committee” — says the President at the US Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Jorge Zukoski.

December 14, 2012
Carlsberg Ukraine considers production of pear cider original language

Carlsberg Ukraine, the largest producer of beer and soft drinks in Ukraine, is considering the possibility to launch production of pear cider in Ukraine in two or three years. According to the CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine P. Chernyshov, cider is the fastest growing category among low-alcohol beverages in the world, so the company plans to double its production in three years.


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