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December 14, 2012
Carlsberg Ukraine expects fall in beer sales by 8% original language

The company's CEO Peter Chernyshov told journalists in Kyiv on Friday that sales in monetary terms may grow by 3% in 2012, mainly due to raising prices for beer. Moreover, P. Chernyshov said that according to AC Nielsen agency, Carlsberg Ukraine share in the domestic beer market for 10 months of the current year has increased to 29.3% in volume terms from 29% for the same period last year.

December 8, 2012
Brewers notice that the Ukrainians consume their product 8% less than before original language

Carlsberg Ukraine, the largest producer of beer and soft drinks in Ukraine, forecasts fall in the sales of beer to 8% in volume terms based on the year-end results. According to the company's CEO Peter Chernyshov, sales may grow by 3% in monetary terms this year, but due to raising the price for beer.

November 19, 2012 Kommersant-Ukraine (Kyiv) 186
Beer is no sale original language

This year, Carlsberg Ukraine has increased its share by 0.4 percentage points to 29.5%. Furthermore, Carlsberg brand sales increased by 16%.

October 22, 2012
TM Kvas Taras wins the golden medal at the VII National Kvass Festival original language

As part of the VII All-Ukrainian Kvass Festival, which took place in Kyiv in August 2012, TM “Kvass Taras” was honoured with three highest awards. The expert jury praised the quality of kvass produced by Carlsberg Ukraine and awarded brand the honorary cup and 2 gold medals.

October 19, 2012
Carsberg Ukraine consumes the lowest amount of energy resources in its industry original language

The Vice President, Supply Chain at Carlsberg Ukraine Yuri Bykoriz spoke, as reported by the Press Service of the company at the energy efficiency forum that took place on October 16-17 in Kyiv, the start of which was announced earlier by RBN. According to him today the performance indicators of Carlsberg Ukraine concerning energy resources consumption are the lowest in its industry.

October 15, 2012 Pravovye izvestiya
How will the Employment Law influence the work of enterprises? original language

How will the implementation of the Employment Law influence the work of enterprises? What will have to be taken into account or changed in work? — the Senior Legal Counsel of Carlsberg Ukraine Iryna Pavliychuk has told to JURLIGA.

October 10, 2012 Khreshchatyk (Kyiv) 141
The city will support Kyiv manufacturers original language

To promote work of Kyiv goods manufacturers is one of the priority directions in implementation of Kyiv Development Strategy until 2025. With this aim the Head of the Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov visited the PJSC Slavutich Brewery (arlsberg Ukraine), where he overviewed the production capacities of this capital enterprise.

October 8, 2012 Business (Kyiv) 41
Non-drain original language

Experts consider that the cost of equipment and reagents and design, assembly and operational work concerning building water treatment objects only in 2012 can reach 2–3 billion UAH. Nevertheless one of the experts specified that not more than 20 actually up to date treatment facilities with the most efficient equipment installed were built over the last year and this year no special progress could be expected in this area.
“At the Zaporizhzhia brewery of Carlsberg Ukraine in 2009 the second stage of treatment facilities construction was launched with the capacity of not only drainages treatment, but biogas production. The same year at the Kyiv brewery the treatment facilities with a biogas plant were put in operation. Due to planned reconstruction of facilities at the Kyiv brewery that was completed this year the company managed to decrease the natural gas consumption by 8%. At the Kyiv brewery the total amount of expenses for treatment facilities beginning with the first stage of the brewery construction, was 22,5 million UAH”, — told Yuri Bykoriz, First Deputy to CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine.

October 5, 2012 Commercial Property
Supply Chain & Logistic Forum 2012: relevance, scale, professionalism original language

On September 20 in Kyiv the Supply Chain & Logistic Forum 2012 was organized, in the course of which at one site over 100 logistics experts of the biggest Ukrainian and international companies gathered. The forum participant Olga Malyuga, a National Transport and Distribution Manager, Carlsberg Ukraine, explained the relevance of this event: “The most important is that the practices that were demonstrated by experts can find the practical use in my company, too”.

August 16, 2012
Pete Brown opened the Somersby cider in Kyiv original language

Pete Brown, well-known British beer and cider culture activist, writer, columnist for “The Economist” magazine and “The Guardian” newspaper, invited by the Carlsberg Ukraine company, has given a master class on cider for experts and restaurateurs in Kiev.

August 14, 2012 Top-100 Rating (Kyiv)
Beer spirit original language

Beer manufacturers believe that hard times are now gone. They are going to have a little but stable annual growth, further market polarization, and, probably new players' arrival. “According to the latest tendencies, we can state the decrease of the mid-cost and the increase of the low-cost and the premium segments. The tendency given has been observed at the market for about three years. We assume that the situation will change and the dynamics of the mainstream segment will improve,” — predicts Yaroslav Koval, Carlsberg Ukraine marketing vice-president.

August 10, 2012 Liga Monitoring Media
Beer market tendencies original language

As the specialists note, the hop drink encounters the clearly visible variations due to the season and the weather conditions, for instance, one degree temperature change causes on average 4.5% change in sales.
The beer season is traditionally April through September, and the highest consumption peak falls on May and April: “During this period we sell almost 56% of our annual amount. Furthermore, the temperature variations in Summer has a great impact and is one of the crucial factors in the beverage sales. Thus, according to our counting, one degree temperature change causes on average 4.5% change in sales,” — says Yaroslav Koval, Carlsberg Ukraine marketing vice-president.

August 8, 2012
Psychologist's diploma myth: only a psychologist can be a good HR-manager original language

An HR-manager has to be able to find an approach to his employees — it is the fact. But does a good HR-manager have to be a psychologist? The experts interrogated by “Delo” are certain that being a good psychologist is a necessary but insufficient condition for becoming a high-qualified HR-manager.
Veronika Fasaturova, Carlsberg Ukraine HR deputy manager considers the myth of a psychologist's diploma to origin in the past, when personnel offices were changed by staff services or HR-manager, mainly psychologists. In accordance with her opinion, the HR-work requires, beside understanding human organization and behaviour, an inclination to practical activities, structuredness, administrative skills, leadership potential, comprehending the business tasks and readiness to solve them.

August 6, 2012
Fire-fighter myth: HR-manager is a fire-fighter. He reacts to the already happened events, but he cannot anticipate them original language

The particular ability to anticipate differs a personnel officer from a high-qualified HR-manager, deem the experts interrogated by “Delo”. A contemporary human resources manager can and must anticipate “fire”-situations. “A professional structures the processes of personnel management in order to create a regular system, tracing the dynamic personnel picture, anticipating market trends and preventing surprises,” — believes Yulia Zabolotnaya, HR business partner of Carlsberg Ukraine.

August 2, 2012 Interfax-Ukraine
Ukrpivo forecasts considerable losses for brewers due to adopting the language law original language

The rule of the law “On the bases of the state language policy” about marking goods in state and regional languages becoming operative will cause multi-million losses for producers of beer and alcohol-free drinks domain, believes the domain organization “Ukrpivo”. Natalia Bondarenko, the Carlsberg Ukraine brewing company legal questions manager, also considers “ntroducing this rule into the operational activity of the producing company almost impossible”.

July 26, 2012 Economic news
Producers found the beverage of the future original language

Kvass becomes the most perspective product in the marketing plans of the alcohol-free beverage producers in Ukraine. It attracts more and more attention not only from local operators, but also from grand transnational corporations, gradually forcing the “minors” out of the market. The Carlsberg board announced the planned growth in TM “Kvass Taras” sales for 30%. The experts advise to take places on the market starting today. “The consolidation already takes place on the kvass market, for the regional players' shares get smaller, while the five key players' ones grow,” — notices Elena Tokar.

July 24, 2012
UEFA EURO conclusions form Carlsberg original language

Commenting on Carlsberg's work during the tournament, Karsten Buhl, senior manager of the Carlsberg UEFA EURO project, says: “The fan-zones turned out very successful, they counted more than 6.6 mln fans. The size of the Kyiv fan-zone increased up to 200'000 viewers for the final, and our bars constantly supplied fans with beer.” As for the number of TV viewers in 200 countries where the matches were shown, it can hardly be counted!

July 16, 2012 Liga Monitoring Media
European Football Championship 2012 original language

In the run-up to EURO–2012 the analytics of the foreign market had assumed that by its end the annual turnover of the local public catering institutions will have grown by 5% comparing with 2011. In general it could be stated that the predictions turned out correct. “When the Ukrainian team was playing, all the beer in four fan-zones was sold out. We just did not have enough,” — comments Petr Chernyshov, Carlsberg Ukraine CEO.

July 14, 2012
Sponsors on EURO-2012: it was not a waste of money original language

The Carlsberg company, making conclusions of UEFA EURO–2012 European Football Championship, marks that for almost a quarter-century cooperation of Carlsberg Group and the European championship the recent tournament has become one of the most successful sponsorship projects. “Our before-championship activation plans were successfully carried out during one, and new initiatives — notably in digital and social media — helped us to actually attract consumers and to make contact with our target groups,” said Khalil Younes, the Carlsberg Group company sales, marketing and innovations senior vice-president.

July 12, 2012 Ukrrudprom
Rapid response original language

The usage of QR-codes just spins up in Europe and USA, but its performance already inspire advertising agents all over the world. Carlsberg Ukraine introduced the QR-codes mechanics into the national promo “Go non-stop through club Europe” two years ago.
“We were pleased with the results and the participants' involving. Thanks to this activity we managed to attract a number of innovators who are interested in participating in standard promos of brands,” — says Yekaterina Gaydidey, Carlsberg Ukraine marketing manager.


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