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July 10, 2012
Beer sales during EURO-2012 set up a record original language

Beer sales during the European Football Championship 2012 increases by 40% comparing to the previous competition in 2008.
“This tournament was a great success for Carlsberg. We overcame the difficulties of working in two large countries, supplying all the eight stadiums and the fan-zones with the record amounts of beer, and our most difficult task was organizing services and selling more than million glasses of beer within the interval between the times of the final match at the stadium, at fan-zones and at other public zones for viewing the match,” — said the senior manager of the UEFA EURO–2012 project of the company.

July 9, 2012 Commersant-Ukraine (Kyiv) 105
Carlsberg increased beer sales during EURO2012 original language

During the European Football Championship in Ukraine from June, 8, to July, 1, Carlsberg Group (the official sponsor) increased beer sales by 40% comparing to the similar tournament in 2008, as it was announced by the company. “For almost 25 years of collaboration between Carlsberg and the European championship the latest tournament was one of our most successful sponsorship projects,” — as the company's announce goes.

June 25, 2012
Between beer and wine original language

Charlemagne is considered the inventor of cider. Pete Brown, a British beer critic explains, why the ancient beverage is fashionable again.

June 20, 2012
Recommendations myth: the better the recommendations are, the better the employee is original language

A high-qualified employee with experience, great knowledge in his domain and positive recommendations is an ideal applicant for any HR. But not everything is so great in the real life. “Delo” has asked the experts how important the great recommendations are in getting a job. The verdict is the recommendations are not the main thing. According to Yulia Zabolotnaya, HR business partner of Carlsberg Ukraine, one should address not only the people mentioned by an applicant as his recommenders, but also his other colleagues, who worked with the person side by side and can characterize his personal and professional qualities. As a result f such an interrogation various facts may be revealed, and not obligatory the positive ones.

June 14, 2012
The iron man myth: HR-managers must have a strong will and not succumb emotions original language

Should an HR-manager be emotional? Or must he, on the contrary, control emotions and be of an iron character? The experts interrogated by “Delo” are certain that HR-manager have to be, first of all, a professional, able to find an approach to different people.
Yulia Zabolotnaya, HR business partner of Carlsberg Ukraine, has no doubts that an HR-specialist is the one to create an emotional ambience in the company. “More than any other specialist, he has to be able to control his emotions and not to burst them onto others. But a strong will does not exclude strong emotions. It is important to know how to control these forces and resources and to know how they function, where they can help and where they can harm. It is now called an emotional intelligence,” — tells Zabolotnaya.

June 10, 2012 Expert
Cider fashion original language

Pete Brown, well-known British beer and cider culture activist, writer, columnist for “The Economist” magazine and “The Guardian” newspaper, invited by the Carlsberg Ukraine company, visited Kyiv on May, 17. The topic of the connoisseur of the British's favourite drinks were cider and the culture of its consumption in different countries.

June 8, 2012 Eat with taste
Women's alcoholic drink original language

Although cider is liked by men as well, most women adore it. A bit sweet taste with a light apple note is to the taste of almost every representative of the gentle sex.

June 5, 2012 Drinks
Apple cider cheers everyone up original language

The famous British beer lover and cider connoisseur Pete Brown, invited by the Carlsberg Ukraine company, visited Kyiv to tell about the culture of cider consumption and to popularize this apple elixir in Ukraine.

June 1, 2012 VinoGrad magazine
The British expert Pete Brown told the Ukrainians about the culture of cider consumption original language

Pete Brown, well-known British beer and cider culture activist, writer, columnist for "The Economist" magazine and "The Guardian" newspaper, invited by the Carlsberg Ukraine company, visited Kyiv on May, 17. The topic of the connoisseur of the British's favourite drinks were cider and the culture of its consumption in different countries.

May 27, 2012
Pete Brown: it is better to compare cider to wine, and not to beer original language

Last year several Ukrainian beer companies started selling cider in glass bottles, and foreign trademarks appeared on supermarkets shelves. The time will show if the apple beverage will conquer the Ukrainians' hearts. Meanwhile the annual cider consumption in 2011 counted 0.1 litre per person, but it keeps growing. The Carlsberg company also launched the production of the Somersby cider in Ukraine.

May 17, 2012 High Castle
Batiaryky for art, energy, travels, wealth and love original language

Five batiars wander through Lviv, holding in their hands mugs of “Lvivske” beer and sincerely smiling. They can be come across near the central cafés of the city. Half-metre Batiaryky are made of bronze and installed specially for the city birthday.

May 7, 2012
Monuments to batiaryky appeared in Lviv original language

Five monuments to batiaryky were installed in Lviv in honour of the City Day. As it was told by the head of the “Lviv Brewery” Roman Golovnia at the press-conference, these particular characters are installed for the Batiarian culture has a great impact on Lviv itself.

May 7, 2012
TOP-100 rating: the best top-managers in beer and alcohol-free drinks domain original language

The “TOP-100. Rating of the best Ukrainian companies” magazine issued another rating research “TOP-100. The best top-managers in Ukraine”. According to its conclusions, the best top-manager of a beer company is Petr Chernyshov, “Carlsberg Ukraine” CEO.

April 30, 2012 Top-100 Rating (Kyiv)
TOP-100 rating original language

Regardless the dimensions and the market share all the representatives of beer and alcohol-free drinks domain are in need of technical specialties personnel and try to solve staff questions by themselves. As Yulia Zabolotnaya, HR business partner of Carlsberg Ukraine marks, business owners expect from top-managers the decisions which will help a business to develop and, first of all, make a profit, increase turnover and market share.

April 9, 2012 Economic News (Kyiv) 59
Into the glass original language

Bartenders and waiters in Ukraine are in most cases an additional job for students or a forced job, while abroad they are the professions, the skills for whish are obtained at courses and trainings. Restaurant workers' qualification level gradually increases due to various contests. The Carlsberg Ukraine company is an initiator and a partner of a lot of them.

April 9, 2012 Status (Kyiv) 14
Behind the scenes of a large sponsorship original language

The company Carlsberg Group is one of nine global sponsors of EURO 2012. The company's managers disclosed some of their secrets and explained what does it mean in practical terms and how make the most of this role for the brand.

April 5, 2012 Companion online
A true Ukrainian leader original language

Among Ukrainians (2067 people), who participated in the survey about development of leadership in Ukrainian companies from the portal and HRD publishing house, little less then a third (30%) call true leaders top managers, and don't think so about the mid-level managers. 12% respondents believe quite opposite. 20% of Ukrainians call leaders all managers of their company, and about the quarter of respondents (24%) declare that there are no leaders among the managers of their company. Yulia Zabolotnaya, HR manager of Carlsberg Ukraine, thinks that this survey reflects actual state of things in Ukrainian companies, though of course there are real leaders in many organizations.

March 29, 2012 Kommersant-Ukraine (Kyiv) 52
Obolon is out of Bitburger. The manufacturer places its stake upon Carling original language

Leading brand manager for import brands of Carlsberg Ukraine, Alla Sidorenko comments to the “Kommersant” upon the situation at Ukrainian market in the super-premium brands segment, and mentions that brand's growth rate will depend on the company's marketing costs.

March 28, 2012 Kommersant-Ukraine (Kyiv) 51
The emblem of sadness original language

For illegal use of symbols of EURO 2012 Ukraine wants to introduce unprecedented sanctions. Peter Chernyshov, Chief Executive of Carlsberg Ukraine, comments upon the situation concerning copyright in Ukraine.

March 20, 2012 Mir Produktov, March 2012
Spirit of quality original language

The company Warsteiner Group observes not only the famous German beer purity law of 1516 but also the modern management standard in the field of food safety ISO 22000. The Technical Director of the company Warsteiner International Thomas Nesner told us what lies at the heart of high quality and reputation of Warsteiner beer.


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