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April 13, 2007
Slavutich Invests $1,900,000 in development

On April 13th, 2007, "Slavutich" JSC and the executive committee of Zaporizhzhya city council signed an agreement about cooperation in investing into the development of Zaporizhzhya. This cooperation provides financing of social city needs by the "Slavutich" enterprise in a period from 2007 till 2008 for the total amount of $300,000.

The CEO of Baltic Beverages Holding in Ukraine Petr Chernyshov signed the Contract on behalf of "Slavutich" JSC, and the Mayor Yevgen Kartashov on behalf of executive committee of city council. According to conditions of the signed contract, "Slavutich" assumed the liability on realization of the actions foreseen by the Regulations about common fund-in-trust of Zaporizhzhya city council. This Regulation was approved by the decision of city council in 2004. The city authorities, in their turn, defined and coordinated the program of social oriented projects priority with "Slavutich" JSC, which will be funded by assets of the enterprise. The funds will be transferred in parts according to the agreed schedule.

This project is not the first example of successful cooperation between the administration of Zaporizhzhya and the "Slavutich" company. The BBH Ukraine bears social responsibility for the development of Zaporizhzhya infrastructure, for rising of patriotic spirit, and also for creation of conditions for improvement of sports achievements in the region. For this reason in 2006 the company made a decision to support the initiatives of Mayor of Zaporizhzhya E.G. Kartashov to name the stadium "Slavutich Arena" instead of "Metallurg" and to invest funds for purchasing of an electronic board for displaying the scores of matches and other equipment necessary for functioning of the Stadium's sport center. The cooperation between the "Slavutich" and the central stadium of Zaporizhzhya started in 2007 with the city authority support.

According to the Agreement with the central stadium of Zaporizhzhya, "Slavutich" company gives $1,600,000 for its reconstruction. A lot of additional works and projects concerning the modernization of stadium were planned for the nearest future. This contract presupposes 15-year cooperation.

The social responsibility of business is one of the major directions of BBH Ukraine activity. The company has taken an active social position and has carried out charities in the interests of the Ukrainian society for a long time.

During the period from 2001 till 2006 the total amount of funds that were given by the enterprise for the realization of charitable programs total approximately $600,000. More than $660,000 of funds was directed to the realization of sponsor's projects. More over, "Slavutich" JSC has rendered the charitable & sponsor's help using the production of factory on total amount of $40,000. According to results of competition organized by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, in the 2nd quarter of 2006, the "Slavutich" JSC was recognized as the best enterprise tax payer in Ukraine and was mentioned in the first release of the book "The Best Taxpayers of Ukraine".

Petro Chernyshov, the CEO of the BBH Ukraine:
"Slavutich activity is closely connected with society and we always want to be a unity with everyone who surrounds us. We give a special attention to our so called "home regions" — the cities where our enterprises are located. The Zaporizhzhya region is important for our company; as the "Slavutich" was created here. I'm sure that Zaporizhzhya, a rich city in historical and cultural traditions in close interaction with Slavutich would improve social component of life of citizens who require not only protection of their legal rights but also need the reliable partners' support."

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