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February 23, 2010
Slavutich, Carlsberg Group increases the volume of returnable bottle use

In 2009 the , Carlsberg Group brewing company reused about 440 million glass bottles in manufacturing. The volume of glass for manufacture of the packaging is quite enough to cover an area of 80 square kilometres, or 1/10 of the territory of Kyiv.

The use of the returnable bottles in beer and soft drink manufacturing has been the usual practice of the "Slavutich" company for many years. The purpose of the given program is not only to optimize the expenses for the new bottles purchase but also concern for the environment.

For the last two years when the active cooperation with the packaging market operators on collecting and return of the glass packing began, the company managed to increase the share of the returnable bottle packing by +10% in comparison with the rate of 2007. Due to the reduction of the necessity for the purchase and supply of new bottles by more than 2/3, the company contributes to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment, which is known to be produced in large quantities at manufacture of the new bottles.

Another advantage of the work with the glass container is the annual reduction of the quantity of municipal solid waste (MSW) by 150,000 tonnes. As it is known, more than 1 million years are required for the complete disintegration of glass in the soil, while the system of stations for MSW sorting out and modern garbage recycling plants are practically absent in Ukraine today.

The reusable packing supplied to the factories of the company is necessarily prepared and cleaned in bottle washing machines where each bottle undergoes thermal and mechanical treatment at +85o with alkali, and then is thoroughly rinsed. As a result the returnable packing used at the , Carlsberg Group breweries completely corresponds to the parameters of a new bottle by microbiologic characteristics.

A careful monitoring at all stages of work with the returnable bottle guarantees absolute sterility and purity at its reuse. Then the bottles going to the filling line are scanned by electronic comptrollers which allow determining and sorting out of dirty or physically damaged bottle.

Yuri Bykoriz, Executive Vice-President at , Carlsberg Group: "The use of the returnable packaging is a conscious position of our company. This initiative lets us be notonly more cost-effective but also socially responsible. We believe that the manufacturers' pro-activity, as well as the consistent policy of the State in this regard will further reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment."

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