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March 17, 2010
Carlsberg Group published the report on corporate social responsibility

Carlsberg Group summed up its work in the sphere of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for 2009. In March the Danish group of companies released an interactive report, which can be found on the website

Carlsberg Group social activity is focused on six key directions, namely: care of environment, care of the society and consumers, responsible approach to suppliers and also to policy in the sphere of labour protection and law of employment, and business ethics.

In each of these directions the company implemented a number of projects in different countries which were given in the report for 2009. Among them are: water resources preservation by the "Baltika" company in Russia, programmes on the responsible beer consumption in Europe, charitable educational programmes in Kazakhstan and many other projects worldwide.

The "Carlsberg" company prepared the CSR report in a new, innovative format - an interactive map which is available on the corporate website. The information on the activities is updated on the map in compliance with the programmes implementation. Such approach enables the consumers to receive the relevant information on CSR projects of the company easily and quickly.

475 Carlsberg Group employees participated at drawing up the report for 2009 in different countries by prompt reporting on the CSR activities in their regions.

The report is available for browsing on the link

Janda Campos, Director Group CSR, Carlsberg Breweries: "The CSR work is a long way, and we are at the very beginning of it. But with the new reporting system, we can trace the progress on both the local and global levels. It means that now the Carlsberg Group companies can work out the local plans of activities and set the local objectives. Thus, we can improve the CSR indices during the next years. This will let us not only grow, but grow responsibly."

Yuri Bykoriz, Executive Vice-President at , Carlsberg Group: "CSR is an important component of "Slavutich" future. Our company adheres to the innovative and European approach to business. Therefore, we, as part of an international company, understand what a significant role the corporate responsibility plays in the harmonious development of our business. Currently "Slavutich" has already launched a number of CSR projects, the results of which will definitely be reflected in the interactive report of the Group."

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