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April 30, 2010
Slavutich, Carlsberg Group is in the top ten most responsible companies of Ukraine

, Carlsberg Group entered the top ten socially responsible companies of Ukraine according to the "HVardiya" magazine. In accordance with the research conducted by the title, the company adheres to the policy of openness and pays much attention to CSR programmes in various directions.

43 companies Ukrainian companies participated in the "HVardiya" magazine rating of socially responsible companies. The final rating was made on the basis of the analysis of questionnaires filled by the companies, public social reports, and at the result of an independent expert assessment.

According to the research data, the Ukrainian CSR leading companies understand that responsible business practice gives a chance to work "for the future" and thus helps to build long-term relations with the employees, partners and clients. Besides, such approach is a sign of the European development of both the Ukrainian market as a whole, and the companies in particular.

"Slavutich" entered the Top-10 most socially responsible companies due to CSR "Growing responsibly" programme, which is being introduced in all Carlsberg Group companies. "Slavutich" social activity is focused on the 6 key directions, i.e.: care of environment, care of the society and consumers, and also its policy in the sphere of health protection, law of employment and human rights, and business ethics. One of the most important directions is also promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Yuri Bykoriz, Executive Vice-President at "Slavutich" Carlsberg Group: "Slavutich" is a dynamically developing company. At the same time we strive to develop our business responsibly, caring of the environment, employees and consumers, partners and local community. The given principle is basic in the growth strategy of our company."

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