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May 26, 2010
Trinity eve in Lvivske style

The residents of Lviv got an unusual present from the first Ukrainian beer "Lvivske" for Trinity eve. That was a map of Ukraine made of growing flowers which will bloom every spring since then.

From time immemorial the people of Lviv have been decorating their houses with green plants on the Whitsun. The first Ukrainian beer "Lvivske" sticks to this tradition as well having decorated its native city with various natural flowers. It was due to "Lvivske" TM that the city of Lev became even more festive, beautiful and colourful! On the Trinity eve a remarkable event took place in the city - the Ukrainian map-shaped flowerbed was opened. The original design of the map of Ukrainian ethnic regions has become another symbol of the city.

This bright event took place on the 22nd of May on the square by the monument to Taras Shevchenko — the traditional place for "Lvivske" beer. Last year on Independence Day another flower map was opened there. That time it was recorded in Ukrainian Book of Records due to its large size, viz. 10 metres in length and 7.3 metres in width.

The new flowerbed from the first Ukrainian beer "Lvivske" is Ukraine-shaped as well and the flowers are planted in it according to the contours of fourteen ethno-cultural regions of the country. The difference from the previous one is that this bed is long-lived — the design consists of 3,600 perennial plants. So the map of Ukraine from "Lvivske" will bloom all the year round gladdening the eyes of the residents and guests of Lviv with its beauty.

The opening of the flower map gave a lot of nice surprises. Brass band music created a great atmosphere and gave good mood to the residents. A splendid harmony of the holiday was also amplified with the performance of "Orpheus" vocal band. After such a great action everybody passed to the blooming map. Some people made shots in front of it; the other enjoyed the beauty of the flowers and felt happy for their native city.

There's no doubt that the original Ukraine-shaped map became another symbol of the city. From now on Lviv can safely be called not only a cultural but also a flower capital of Ukraine. And all this became possible thanks to "Lvivske" trade mark.

Alexander Rudnev, OJSC "Lvivska brewery" director: "The map of blooming Ukraine from TM "Lvivske" is not just a symbol of spring but of development and flourishing of our state. It's the way we want to see Ukraine, that's what we are working at and that's why we give such a beautiful and meaningful present to our native city".

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