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September 20, 2010
źSlavutich╗, Carlsberg Group declares the start of the students training program in marketing department

Are you still a student? Then you have a wonderful opportunity to start your career right now! źSlavutich╗, Carlsberg Group invites undergraduates to participate in the GROW FASTER training program

The GROW FASTER program is worked out for the students of the 3-5 year who make good progress in studies, have knowledge of English and desire to succeed in their profession. As of today the training is open at the marketing department in the following areas:

• Job at licence brands (Ď╠ "Baltika")
• Job at local brands (Ď╠ "Lvivske")
• Job in non-beer direction (Ď╠ "Kvas Taras", Ď╠ "TopTea")

The program consists of 2 stages, 6 months each. At the end of each stage the assessment of the effectiveness of the trainee's work is supposed. After successful completion the trainee will pass to the following stage or receive the certificate about the GROW FASTER program completion.

During the training, an instructor will be assigned for the trainee; the instructor together with company HR department will define the primary goals of the program and coordinate the work of the student. The trainee's working hours within the framework of GROW FASTER program assumes full or part time occupation 5 days a week.

Due to the training program at źSlavutich╗, Carlsberg Group, the students will be able to go into the root of the business processes and the standards of the international manufacturing company, open their potential, gain practical knowledge and, of course, acquire new contacts.

The competition for the applicants will consist of several stages. Up to October 8th, 2010, there will be a resume selection, then, on October 11th-13th the finalists will be interviewed by the representatives of the Department of Human Resources. The final competitive selection and presentation of the assignments will take place on October 25th-29th.

To participate in the GROW FASTER program send a resume up to October, 8th, 2010 by e-mail:

For further information, please, contact the Department of Human Resources of źSlavutich╗, Carlsberg Group by tel.: +380 44 494 16 14.

Muhabbat Janas, HR Director at źSlavutich╗, Carlsberg Group: "People are main assets of Carlsberg Group. That's why we pay great attention to the education of our employees, and to the training of young and talented professionals. That is the key objective of the new GROW FASTER program. For this training we are looking for motivated, enthusiastic, energetic and educated young people. After all, the future of the Ukrainian business and of our business as well, is in their hands."

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