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March 21, 2011
Carlsberg Group published its report on the corporate social responsibility of 2010

Carlsberg Group summed up the results of its work of 2010 in the framework of the corporate social responsibility (CSR). You can view the company's report on the progress on the special web-site.

The interactive report of 2010 demonstrates the status of implementation of the long-term social programs of the company around the world - both globally and locally. The report also outlines plans for 2011 and targets for CSR direction until 2013 which has not been presented in the report last year. It is worth noting that the report was prepared in the international format of GRI as well.

The corporate social responsibility of Carlsberg Group is focused on six main directions: care of the environment, society and consumers, responsibility in respect of the suppliers as well as in the sphere of labor protection, labor rights and business ethics.

In 2010, in the framework of each direction the company implemented a number of projects which are described in the interactive web report. For example, in Ukraine the biogas plant was mounted which allows to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and the disposal plant project was launched. You can watch this videocase on our website The report also includes programs on responsible consumption of beer in Ukraine, Russia, Serbia and Great Britain and many other initiatives.

You can view the report of 2010 on the link

It should be noted that Carlsberg Group published its first report on CSR progress last year.

Yuri Bykoriz, First Deputy Chief Executive at Slavutich, Carlsberg Group: «The second year running Carlsberg publishes CSR report and we can see that our activities become more efficient due to the internal international cooperation. This also influences the results of the regional CSR practices. A significant part of the initiatives in our business is long-term, especially when it comes to the production programs. Therefore, we will be able to see many results in the future reports".

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