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April 21, 2011
źSlavutich╗, Carlsberg Group supported the environmetal project ôLetĺs Make Ukraine Clean!ö

Brewery źSlavutich╗, Carlsberg Group supported the environmental project "Let's Make Ukraine Clean!". The action took place on April 16 all over Ukraine and according to preliminary data more than 11,000 people took part in it.

The action was organized by the leading Ukrainian companies and public organizations. In Kiev the employees of źSlavutich╗, Carlsberg Group took part in the environmental project. They helped make clean the green zone next to Kyiv Brewery —Goloseevsky Park.

It should be noted that the volunteers were given freshness and vivacity by the cold drink "Top Tea" with peach and lemon the recipe of which is based on the most delicate and fragrant tea-tree's top leaves and juice — lemon and peach.

"Let's Make Ukraine Clean!" is a public non-commercial project in which volunteers from all over Ukraine initiate mass cleanings of the green areas.

In 2011 the project is held for the second time. According to preliminary data, in the framework of the action the participants managed to collect 5,613 bags with plastic trash, 5,264 bags with glass and 17,007 bags with other wastes.

Elena Dzhagaryan, Marketing Manager at źSlavutich╗, Carlsberg Group: "Our company takes part in the project for two straight years and we are ready to support the initiative in the future. Cleaning the park our employees contributed to the common big deal. This year the environmental initiative was supported by the company's tea brand "Top Tea" as well which is a natural and ecologically clean product. We hope that "Top Tea" managed to vitalize and to give unforgettable refreshment to all participants of the action".

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