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March 5, 2012
In two years Carlsberg Ukraine decreased energy resources consumption by 15%

In 2011 the brewery company Carlsberg Ukraine managed to decrease the consumption of electricity, heat and water at the average by 15%. The company started a course toward the conservation of natural resources back in 2009, when it developed and implemented a project titled “1715”. Like the same-name beer brand “Lvivske 1715”, this project was quite a success.

The aim of the project “1715” is reaching the best ratio of heat, electricity and water consumption and increase of work efficiency of the employees during beer production. 1715 is a formula of the best resources consumption for obtaining a quality product.

Due to the structural work of Carlsberg Ukraine company it was possible to decrease the energy resources consumption that in its turn resulted in their more economic and reasonable inventory and use and significant decrease of its environmental influence. In three years in the course of the project “1715” we managed to achieve significant results. From 2009 to 2011 (inclusive) the consumption of heat energy decreased by 20%, the consumption of electricity — by 8 %, the consumption of water — by 17%.

“1715” is not the only project developed and implemented by the experts of Carlsberg Ukraine for optimization of natural resources consumption. For example at Kyiv and Zaporizhzhya Breweries of Carlsberg Ukraine are put into operation treatment facilities that besides waste waters treatment allow to obtain and use biogas. In its turn the use of biogas allows to decease significantly the consumption of natural gas.

Yuri Bykoriz, First Deputy of the Chief Executive of Carlsberg Ukraine: “The most important task in our activity concerning Corporate Social Responsibility is careful attitude toward natural resources. On it depend both the quality of the product we manufacture and the living environment of our consumers. Due to the project “1715” we achieved significant decrease of electricity, water and heat consumption and we continue working at minimizing our environmental influence”.


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