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March 12, 2012
Carlsberg Group published an online report on Corporate Social Responsibility for 2011

The brewery company Carlsberg Group published an online report about the company's results on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). You can read the full version of the report here

The CSR report of the company for 2011 includes the information about the progress of the Group in the 8 key CSR directions: “Environment”, “Responsible drinking”, “Community engagement”, “Marketing communications”, “Labour and human rights”, “Health & safety”, “Business ethics”, and “Responsible sourcing”. The online document also includes the targets of Carlsberg Group concerning CSR for 2012-2013. The report is based on data provided by the companies of the Group including Carlsberg Ukraine.

Also during 2011 in course of realization of the company's CSR projects were achieved good results concerning environmental protection due to reduction of 2 emissions and saving water and electricity. Generally, Carlsberg Group reduced the use of thermal energy by 10%, and water consumption — by 5,6%. In its turn, Carlsberg Ukraine managed to reduce the use of water by 17%. Now the Carlsberg Group enterprises all over the world use about 3,3 hl of water to produce 1 hl of beer, which is one of the most efficient rates reported by world beer companies. The 2 emissions as compared to the rates of 2010 reduced by 8,6%.

The Group achieved such a success because in 2011 the efforts of the working group were aimed at the increase of the company's efficiency, including logistics, supplies, research and other initiatives.
It is important that the Carlsberg Group report is made according to the principles of UN Global Compact and to the indicators of Global Reporting Initiative GRI (a non-profit organization that developed one of the most common global standards of environmental reporting).

Yuri Bykoriz, First Deputy Chief Executive of Carlsberg Ukraine: “An annual CSR report of Carlsberg Group is especially interesting while it shows comprehensive progress because the data it includes are filed by all companies of Carlsberg Group. Besides, in 2012 Carlsberg Ukraine plans to issue for the first time a local report on CSR of the company in Ukraine. We think that fair play, transparency and responsibility form a modern approach to business”.

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