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March 13, 2012
Carlsberg Ukraine worked out a multistage training program for the operational department

Carlsberg Ukraine launched a new project called Stage. This is an innovative program aimed at formation and education of a professional team of future managers of operational department of the company.

Now Ukrainian labour market faces an acute shortage of technological personnel. There is an especially critical need in managers and key specialists, for example in operators and filling workshop masters, beer production technologists and brewers. That's why the employing companies face a challenging task of finding, keeping and professional improvement of such specialists.

To solve this task the HR Department of Carlsberg Ukraine developed a project Stage (Show Talent And Get Employed), aimed at the employees of operational department. The project is designed for two years of study and is divided into four stages, including trainings, theoretical and practical programs in the specialties, and studying English language. Stage offers such directions as quality, logistics, and production.

The project audience comprises of the production department of the company in Supply Chain. An employee is proposed for participation in the program Stage by his/her manager, if a potential participant has a motivation, wants to develop professionally, learn English language, and of course has a higher education. After every stage of training the program participants pass professional exams to their supervisors, which allow them to enter the next level.

Yuri Bykoriz, First Deputy Chief Executive of Carlsberg Ukraine: “People are one of the principal values of Carlsberg Ukraine. That's why the company offers a range of programs aimed at professional improvement of the employees. In 2011 there was added the project Stage. It offers new possibilities to the employees of the company working in the production sector. The project allows an average professional to get excellent career prospects due to the systemic education. At the present time in the project take part 30 employees from all breweries of Carlsberg Ukraine”.

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