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March 19, 2012
Carlsberg Ukraine included in TOP-10 of Socially Responsible Companies of Ukraine

Carlsberg Ukraine was included into Top-10 of companies that are most transparent and systematic in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, according to the magazine “GVardia”.

The rating of “Socially responsible companies of Ukraine” is published by the magazine “GVardia”, PH “Galitskiye Kontrakty” for the fifth year in succession. Traditionally, it is made on the basis of analysis of the companies' application forms filed to the magazine's editorial board and public social reports and on the basis of independent estimates of the experts — the expert council members. In 2012 the companies included in the list of the richest companies of Ukraine — “Gvardia 500”, were invited to participate in the rating.

It is important to mention that Carlsberg Ukraine Company has been included in the rating of socially responsible companies of Ukraine for several times already. The expert council members every year mention the company's improvement in the CSR area due to implementation of effective projects. With CSR being an important part of the Carlsberg Ukraine development strategy, the company's work is based upon the principles of adherence to the law, satisfaction of consumer demands and provision of the highest product quality. The company pays great attention to workplace safety and makes significant investments in the professional development of employees and environmental care. The same systematic approach to formation of fair and mutually beneficial partnership relations, openness and transparency allow Carlsberg Ukraine to form a reliable and modern business.

At the beginning of March the company Carlsberg Group that owns Carlsberg Ukraine company published an online report about the company's results concerning CSR, which you can read here. Besides, this year Carlsberg Ukraine plans to issue its own detailed report on CSR progress of the company in Ukraine.

Olesya Khoshobina, the Chief Editor of the Ukrainian national rating magazine “GVardia”: “Our editorial board highly appreciated Carlsberg Ukraine and mentioned its progress in CSR area. In comparison to the previous year the company gained 4 points in the rating. Every year the editorial board of our magazine mentions the progress of Ukrainian enterprises in CSR area. It is important that this year we changed the principles of companies' assessment for making the rating: more clearly regulated the estimate of co-operation of companies with the concerned parties and introduced a unit for estimation of openness and consistency of the companies' activity in the main CSR directions.”

Yuri Bykoriz, First Deputy Chief Executive of Carlsberg Ukraine:Today, the companies aimed at achieving success have to keep up to date and adhere to the generally accepted principles of business development, one of which is CSR. Socially responsible companies should form loyal relationship with the society, care about environment and administer business in fair and open way. This is the key to successful and steady work. Carlsberg Ukraine has been developing and implementing CSR projects for several years to optimize the work of the manufacturing department and correspond to international business standards.”


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