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April 9, 2012
Carlsberg Ukraine releases Zaporizhzhias brewery results for 2011

More than 37 mln dal of beer and non-alcoholic beverages were poured at the Carlsberg's Ukraine Zaporizhzhia brewery for the accounting period. The brewery continued to adopt new technologies that helped to reduce consumption of natural resources and brought down impact on the environment.

Due to the effective implementation of innovative equipment for gathering and use of biogas the enterprise cut down the usage of natural gas by 485 K m3 per year. Measures for work improvement and optimization of plant treatment infrastructure were also taken and the project of biogas draining was realized. Due to all above the brewery managed to reduce its power consumption by 15%. The total amount of investment into the power efficiency increasing projects was over UAH 6 mln.

In 2011 at the Zaporizhzhia brewery 13,6 mln dal of beer was poured into glass containers, 21,06 mln dal of beer and kvass into PET packing, and 2,7 million dal into kegs. Generally the brewery produced 37,4 million dal of beer and non-alcoholic beverages per year, that is 1,9 mln dal less compared to 2010. The main reason of the manufacturing reduction in 2011 was the general decline of beer market, that according to the Carlsberg Ukraine analysts was 2,2%.

The brewery in Zaporizhzhia is the most powerful among three breweries of Carlsberg Ukraine — its maximum capacity makes 55 mln dal per year. 630 people work at the enterprise. The brewery is certificated according to the international standards of quality, production safety and management in the food production field — ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000.

It produces such beer brands as “Slavutich”, “Slavutich ICE”, “Arsenal”, “Lvivske”, “Tuborg”, “Holsten”, “Baltika”, “Khmilne” and live fermentation kvass “Kvas Taras”.

Bogdan Bilanchuk, Director of Zaporizhzhia brewery, Carlsberg Ukraine: “Last year we implemented a great number of projects that helped to take our production to the new level. Also, an important part of our business is active participation in social life of the city: help in clearing the consequences of snowfalls, and garbage gathering. Besides, the brewery supervises the sponsored boarding school in Volnyansk city in Zaporizhzhia region. In 2012 our strategy will be aimed towards keeping volumes of production, despite the decrease of Ukrainian beer market in whole. Also we are plan to continue development of our corporative social responsibility strategy: we will introduce new programs and continue to work under already launched projects”.


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