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January 16, 2007
Kids visited BBH volunteers

88 children of three Ukrainian orphanages were invited to visit New Year Fairy Tale by the BBH Group staff in Ukraine

On January 13, 2007, which is the Old Style New Year, the BBH Group in Ukraine presented a New Year celebration to the kids from the Vyshgorod children's home "Lyubystok" in Kyiv region, Vilnias specialize orphanage house for orphans and children without parents' custody in Zaporizhzhya region, and Busk childrens' house "Dobre Sertse" in Lviv region. 88 kids from different regions of Ukraine spent a rich in events Saturday in the capital of Ukraine.

After arrival to Kyiv, they went to the Family Leisure Center "Dyvosvit" where they were met by volunteers, staff of the BBH Group in Ukraine, including the CEO of the "Slavytuch" Company and "Lviv Brewery" Petr CHernyshov. After a hot breakfast meal, Petr Chernyshov greeted kids and their teachers with the past holidays and told about their program in Kyiv, and the volunteers gave the kids New Year presents. Then the amusements began. Kids were separated into 15 groups of 5-6 persons in each and volunteers accompanied them in the children's amusement complex "Dyvosvit" where child guests visited various sideshows.

After exciting virtual games, the children went to a fascinating tour of Kyiv city. They got to know Kyiv history and main sights of the capital of Ukraine, after what the kids came back to the "Dyvosvit" where they had holiday dinner. Fortifying themselves with the Ukrainian borshch, the children went to see a play "Snowman" in which every kid took an active part. Putting their presents from the BBH Group staff into their bags, the kids went back to their places. They also carried along their emotions and vivid impressions to share with their brothers, sisters and friends who could not come to this holiday in Kyiv.

According to their teachers, this event was one of the brightest in the children's monotonous life without parents' warmth and care. Most of the pupils were in Kyiv and spent a whole day so far away from their childrens' houses and orphanages for the first time. This New Year trip was one of the few moments in kids' lives when they felt really happy and not alone. Sincere smiles on their faces, excited eyes and strong good-bye hugs are an indisputable proof of the necessity to hold such actions.

"Organizing this children holiday, we tried to give part of our warmth, attention and love to the kids who for a variety of reasons were abandoned by their parents. Kids who face cruel reality in their early lives should not lose faith in fairy tales and wonders. We wish that they know that there are caring people in this world who will not abandon them and will help to become valuable members of the Ukrainian society," said Petr Chernyshov, the CEO of the BBH Group in Ukraine. - "This is why our company pays much attention in its activities to orphanage and children's house pupils of Ukraine."

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