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May 16, 2012
Carlsberg Ukraine published the first report about the progress in the field of corporate social responsibility

Carlsberg Ukraine — one of the largest breweries in Ukraine - published its first report on the results of its activity in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) for 2010-2011 years.
You may see the document on the company website in the reference or by visiting the website U. N Global Compact.

“Growing responsibly” (“Grow responsibly”) — a strategy of Carlsberg Ukraine social responsibility is an integral part of the company development, closely integrated into its activities. This means that Carlsberg Ukraine operates an honest and transparent business, builds the loyal relationships with the community, cares of the environment. The first annual CSR report of Carlsberg Ukraine brewery gathered information about the company's development strategy and the progress made in the CSR during 2010-2011. The report also provides the goals for 2012-2013 years.

The manufacturer company pays particular attention to the environmental issues. Carlsberg Ukraine has developed and implemented a lot of projects aimed at reducing the production impact on the environment. So thanks to energy-efficient project “1715” they were able to reduce the use of natural resources on the average by 15% during the reporting period. Also in 2011 the company used more than 400 million glass bottles for the second time that made it possible to reduce significantly the amount of everyday solid waste. Today in Kyiv and Zaporozhye enterprises of the company new waste treatment operates allowing to normalize the pH level of plants wastewater and reduce the value of other indicators, as well as biogas installations which made it possible to reduce the consumption of natural gas.

During the reporting period the company has also implemented several initiatives in the field of labor protection. For example, the 5StoHS (5 Steps to Health and Safety) project was implemented and aimed to create the safer workplaces. It should be noted that Carlsberg Ukraine follows to the high standards of working conditions and also adheres to all norms of laws and international standards of human and labor rights.

The quality of the supplier work is of paramount importance for the reliability of company products. Therefore Carlsberg Ukraine initiated the creation of an internal Code of supplier's behavior in 2011 that regulates the relationship between the brewery and its business partners. Today 57 suppliers of the company are the signers of this Code.

In 2010 Carlsberg Ukraine together with the organization “Ukrpivo” launched a social campaign “Consume responsibly” aimed to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors. The reels were transmitted on the national TV channels of the country by the project warning about the sellers' responsibility to sell alcohol people under the age of 18 and calling for responsible attitude to alcohol consumption. In 2012 Carlsberg Ukraine together with Association “Ukrpivo” launched All-Ukrainian project “The Responsibility Begins with Me” in which there are advertising billboards highlighting the problems of drinking and driving at the prohibited areas, the sale of alcohol to minors as well as the irresponsible attitude of adults to the alcohol consumption by persons under the age of 18.

The Carlsberg Ukraine policy of social responsibility covers eight areas: “Environment”, “Responsible drinking”, “Community engagement”, “Marketing communications”, “Labour and human rights”, “Health & safety”, “Business ethics”, and “Responsible sourcing”.

Yuriy Bykoriz, First Deputy Chief Executive of Carlsberg Ukraine: “We are glad to present the first CSR report of our company compiled according to the U.N Global Compact that Carlsberg Ukraine joined in 2010. We follow to all principles of this document and this is reflected not only in the pages of our report but also in our daily activities. It is important for our company not only to develop the business but do it responsibly — our customers, employees and shareholders are in the center of each decision that we make. Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral component of our business strategy”.


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