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October 1, 2007
BBH is a partner of "New advertising names" competition

The 8th competition of social advertisement "New names in advertising" started out on October 1.

Adell Young & Rubicam have been discovering new names and talents for the Ukrainian industry of advertising and marketing for 8 years. This year the BBH Group in Ukraine decided to support the competition and become its main partner. BBH Ukraine raised a prize fund of $2,000. Moreover, winners will get a chance to pass a probation period at the company's marketing department. 

The topic of this year's competition Restart Generation deals with such ambiguous social notion as "synthetic nature" of modern society. For the first time in the competition history, organizers were choosing topic with the help of participants. More than a half of past years' participants voted for this topic.

Restart Generation represents the whole generation of people spending their time between real life with its problems and difficulties and bright and simple virtual world. The world where one doesn't have to correct mistakes, just push the restart button; where if one encounters any difficulties in relationships with people, one just changes his nickname. One can be anybody in a sweet cyberspace. But in real life, you risk to remain on the same place, alone with all your problems.

Alexander Komarov, the general director of Adell Young & Rubicam creative agency: "I guess it's the first topic that does not raise a bulk of banal ideas when you think about it, what unfortunately sometimes appears in contestants' works. And once again this is the first problem I'd never choose for myself for I have enough trouble and happiness in the real world. In this sense the results of voting for the topic were a real surprise to me. I hope that this topic will bring great results in the works of our participants.

Petro Chernyshov, the general director of BBH Group in Ukraine: "Our company gladly supports the competition "New names in advertising" because for 8 years in a row this project has been helping young talented people to make a statement start a career, and has been helping professional companies to find talents for their staff. Marketing makes a big part in our business. We've got a huge team of marketing professionals who take care of our wide brand portfolio every day. That's why we think of it as of our duty to help young people to make their first steps into professional marketing."

The complete description of the topic (intro) and a brief are already posted on the site of the competition This year, a Live Journal of the project has been also launched to support permanent connection with the participants. All questions and propositions can be left here They will be answered.

The participation is free as usual and is available for people under 28. The organizers of the competition are open to everyone who is not afraid to show his or her talent, who wants to be noticed by ad and PR professionals, who is not afraid to demonstrate his or her skills.

Deadline for the works is December 1, 2007.

Good luck!

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