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September 11, 2012
At Kyiv Brewery of Carlsberg Ukraine the modernisation of treatment facilities is completed

At Kyiv Brewery of Carlsberg Ukraine the planned reconstruction of treatment facilities is completed. The modernization of these facilities has improved the quality of waste water and increased production of biogas, as well as enhanced the work conditions safety of the company's personnel.

The first treatment facilities of the company were built in 2005 at the Zaporizhzhia Brewery of Carlsberg Ukraine. In 2009 this brewery started the second stage of treatment facilities, which allowed not only clean the drains, but to produce biogas. The same year treatment facilities with a biogas plant were built at the Kyiv Brewery, too.

Due to this project as well as other energy saving projects of the company, during 3 years Carlsberg Ukraine managed to significantly reduce consumption of natural gas. At the Zaporizhzhia Brewery in comparison to 2009 its consumption decreased by 20% and according to the results of the first half of 2012 was 10%. At the Kyiv Brewery, due to the current renovation, replacing natural gas with biogas was 8%.

Thus, Carlsberg Ukraine seeks to minimize their impact on the environment.

Biogas is a waste product of organic matters and active sludge (a combination of biologically active microorganisms processing pollutants). This is eco-friendly kind of fuel, because its production is based on treatment of waste water of plants.

Yuri Bykoriz, First Deputy of the Chief Executive of Carlsberg Ukraine: “Our company introduces the ongoing manufacturing innovative projects that reduce the consumption of heat, electricity and water. Biogas plants enable us to reduce the consumption of natural gas and, as a result, reduce overall CO2 emissions into the environment. The recent modernization of treatment facilities of Kyiv Brewery will increase biogas production in almost three times — to the level of 1 500 m3 per day”.


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