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October 10, 2012
Aleksandr Popov officially visited Kyiv brewery of Carlsberg Ukraine

Yesterday, on October 09, 2012, the Head of Kyiv City State Administration Aleksandr Popov visited the Kyiv brewery of Carlsberg Ukraine. The aim of the visit was the acquaintance of the city Head with one of the largest enterprises of the capital.

Aleksandr Popov began his visit with seeing the production facilities of the brewery. The Head of Kyiv City State Administration saw the boilery of the brewery, the fermentation room, the filtration line, the bottling room, and visited the laboratory of the enterprise. Aleksandr Popov had an opportunity to see personally that at the Kyiv Brewery of Carlsberg Ukraine beer is produced in accordance with high quality standards and from the best natural raw materials.

During the excursion at the brewery the company representatives headed by CEO Peter Chernyshov told the guests about Carlsberg Group and Carlsberg Ukraine. It is well known that this Ukrainian brewing company is one of the largest employers, both in the region and in the whole country: today at the enterprises of Carlsberg Ukraine work over 1 800 regular employees, and at the Kyiv brewery — over 700 employees. The company is also a good faith taxpayer: in 2011 the enterprise transferred to the budgets of different levels over than 1 billion hryvnias of taxes and duties. According to the results of the year 2011 Carlsberg Ukraine was included in the list of 20 largest and most conscientious taxpayers of the country, created by the popular Ukrainian weekly Korrespondent and took the 16th place in it.

During his visit the city Head could see that the Kyiv brewery of Carlsberg Ukraine is one of the most up-to-date breweries in Ukraine at the moment. The capacity of the Kyiv brewery is 568 million liters of beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages per year. Kyiv brewery is certified in accordance to the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 (“Quality Management Systems”), ISO 14001 (“Quality Management Systems”) and ISO 22000 (“Foods Safety Management Systems”).

Carlsberg Ukraine carries out its activity in accordance with the Corporate Social Responsibility policy, as a part of which it develops and implements different ecology projects aimed at energy saving use of natural resources. This year at the Kyiv enterprise were implemented different projects concerning investment into modernization of the existing equipment amounting to over 112 thousand hrn. During this year we implemented 11 new technological processes including 4 energy saving ones, and as the result of their implementation the intensity of resources use was decreased: water — by 3%, electricity — by 2%, gas — by 15%.

The excursion of Aleksandr Popov and other officials of Kyiv City Administration was completed with learning the products portfolio of Carlsberg Ukraine.

Peter Chernyshov, Chief Executive at Carlsberg Ukraine: «Any enterprise functioning within a certain city community is a part of it, therefore it should be valuable to the community. We understand it clearly and try to maximize our social aspect. For instance, our company conscientiously transfers taxes and duties to the budget, finances different cultural and public events, supports student and youth organizations which means it plays a major role in the city life. Besides, one of the priorities of our business is an energy saving approach to production promoting the effective use of resources. In the course of the meeting we demonstrated to the administration representatives headed by Aleksandr Popov our production facilities, told them about the history of the company, development prospects and our plans for the future. We are always glad to have such visits and hope that Mr. Popov shall visit our brewery a great many times».


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