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October 16, 2007
"Lvivske" presents benches to citizens of its native city

On October, 16th in city centre, the solemn establishment of benches from "Lvivske"TM took place.

Lviv is not only the Opera theatre. Lviv, first of all, is a city where people walk, joke and, certainly, drink beer from time to time... Lviv citizens like to get acquainted, meet, communicate and fall in love. Lviv is the city of meetings! "Lvivske"TM presents places for meetings!

During last days, on the central pedestrian zone Lviv citizens could see strange slogans "Places for acquaintances", "Places for meetings", "Places for conversations", "Places for a birth of dream". Also attention was attracted to a big box with an inscription "Gift for the city! To open on 16.10".

All these surprising inscriptions on stone cubes are connected to the fact that the "Lvivske" beer carries out great action to accomplish its native city. "Lvivske"TM gives Lviv citizens a big and long-awaited gift!

This gift appeared to be benches placed in the city centre and in other districts of Lviv. Lviv brewers have placed the first party in the central part of the city: in a pedestrian zone near the Town hall and Galitskaya square. Wooden benches on a cast-iron skeleton with the image of griffins will harmoniously approach to ancient architecture of Lviv. The following party of benches will be established within a week in microdistrict Syhiv (near O. Dovzhenko Cinema).

The President of "Lviv brewery" JSC Vladimir Pecher: "Lviv, first of all, is its citizens. While embodying social programs and projects, our company, is mainly guided by needs of ordinary citizens. There are a lot of parks in Lviv where people walk, have rest and communicate. Therefore, the benches we establish will bring convenience and comfort to the life of the citizens of Lviv. The establishment of benches is only one of the projects within the framework of the social program "Together we'll make more". We are planning to make our city more attractive and cozy in future".

We should note, that "Lviv brewery" pays great attention to the support of social and cultural projects, takes an active part in organization of festivals and art actions. Recently the brewery has restored the most ancient Lviv lion "Lorentsovich", and "Lvivske"TM has presented a free excursion tram for citizens and visitors of the city.

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