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July 3, 2013
Carlsberg Ukraine Recognized as Honest Taxpayer

Carlsberg Ukraine brewing company became the winner of the annual Ukrainian ranking "Honest Taxpayers 2012" in the category “Food & Beverages”. Carlsberg wins in this nomination for the second year in a row.

In 2012, Carlsberg Ukraine, one of the leading beer manufacturers, low-alcohol beverages and soft drinks in Ukraine, paid 1.2 billion hryvnia in taxes and duties including 342 million hryvnia of VAT, 558.7 million hryvnia of excise duty and 328.3 million hryvnia of other taxes and duties.

The annual all-Ukrainian “Honest Taxpayers” ranking was started by the Ukrainian NGO “Taxpayer Association of Ukraine” to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between the government and businesses, and to recognize distinguished taxpayers. The purpose of the ranking is to raise taxpayers’ status and build taxpayer culture in Ukraine.

It is not for the first time that Carlsberg is named as one of the most reliable taxpayers. Carlsberg Ukraine appears in the list of Ukraine’s biggest taxpayers made by a popular Ukrainian weekly magazine “Correspondent”. The list has 20 public and private companies including 11 international and 9 Ukrainian companies (6 private and 3 public). Carlsberg Ukraine paid over 1 billion hryvnia in taxes in 2011 making it the 16th biggest taxpayer according to the Correspondent magazine’s ranking.

Valentina Arbuzova, President of Taxpayer Association of Ukraine: “I’m pleased to see that the top rankers live up to the honorary title of Honest Taxpayer and maintain high standards of their work. I thank the winners whose daily work contributes to improving the lives of all Ukrainians by filling the government budget. They have proved that they are the best in their field and the country should be proud of them.”

Alexander Hovyadin, Financial Director of Carlsberg Ukraine: “We are pleased to be ranked among Ukraine’s Honest Taxpayers of 2012, which proves that we are going in the right direction. We conduct business honestly and openly, thus complying with high standards of Carlsberg Group and Ukrainian laws and regulations. Not only is our company honest in paying taxes and duties, it also ensures proper working conditions and social security for the employees.”

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