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November 7, 2013
Carlsberg Ukraine has taken part in The World Economic Forum

Carlsberg Group Vice President for strategic development Bern Sondeskov and CEO of the brewing company Carlsberg Ukraine, Vice President of Eastern European Region in Carlsberg Group Peter Chernyshov participated in the regional department of The World Economic Forum which was held on 5-6 November 2013 in Kiev under the auspices of The President of Ukraine.

Three scripts of the economic development of Ukraine were under discussion during the forum, in which participated the leading experts in Ukrainian and world economy - representatives from authorityand business, economy experts andpolitical scientists. Mr. Chernyshov was the moderator of the group on Value Creation in Ukrainian economy. This group discussed the factors facilitating or preventing the development of the Ukrainian economy. As a result of discussion the group identified the obstacles preventing the value creation in Ukraine: corruption, monopolization of some economic sectors, red tape, problems with property defense.

The regional department of The World Economic Forum was held in Ukraine for the first time. The most important people of the country took part in the event: The President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, The Prime Minister Nickolay Azarov, The First Vice Prime Minister Sergey Arbuzov, The Vice Prime Minister Yuriy Boyko, The Minister for Finance Yuriy Kolobov, The First Deputy Head of The Administration of The President of Ukraine Irina Akimova and others.

The World Economic Forum is an international nongovernmental organization famous for its annual meetings in Davos. The urgent world issues, including the health care and environmental questions, are discussed during these meetings.

Peter Chernyshov, Carlsberg Ukraine CEO, Vice President of Eastern European Region in Carlsberg Group: The World economic forum in Kiev is the excellent opportunity for business to take part in the open dialogue with the authority and discuss problem solutions and finding new opportunities for economic development of the country. Participation of the main persons of the country is a demonstration of the mutual interest in the discussion of economic situation and the acceleration of economic reforms for creation an effective economic model and normal business functioning. It is extremely important for the brewing industry as the beer market undergoes long-lasting recession since 2008 and in accordance with the results of 2013 the industry will decline in 12,5% as compared with 2008. In such a situation the sudden increase of excise duty for beer will result in further production decrease which in its turn will lead to the shutdown of production capacities and the reduction of work places in brewing and relative industries.

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