Pyvnyy Dim 1715 Appears in Lvov

September 17, 2014
Pyvnyy Dim 1715 Appears in Lvov

Pyvnyy Dim 1715 bar has opened in the heart of the ancient city of Lvov, at 12 Svobody Avenue. Here in the cozy atmosphere you can enjoy your Lvivske beer and delicious food.

Decorated in Art Nouveau style, the new place resembles a beer bistro of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This style is largely responsible for the unique look of the ancient city of Lion. Art Nouveau elements can be found everywhere, from building facades to the door handles. Also, the beginning of the 20th century, when Art Nouveau style emerged and developed, was a period of economic and cultural prosperity. Elegant townspeople gathered in cafes and bistros, discussing the latest fashion and entertainment trends (such as cinema, for example) enjoying the refreshing Lvov beer.

The legend about Pyvnyy Dim 1715 was founded appeared in the 1900s. They say that two friends, restaurateur Shtadtmiller and industrialist Chudzhak, were on holidays in Switzerland. One day during a stroll, they came across a beautiful villa on the shores of Lake Geneva. They asked an old lady, who was doing some gardening at the yard, for a glass of water. She gave them some very tasty beer. When she heard them speaking, she addressed to them in Ukrainian. She told them an amazing story of love between herself and a brewer-entrepreneur from Lvov named Robert Doms, and mentioned the great Lvivske beer that they kept buying from the ancient city. After they heard this story, the two friends had an idea: offering the beer from Lvov to locals and visitors to the city and, of course, make money. The friends returned to the city and bought a famous Viennese coffee house. To put their plan into action, they added an extra room with an outdoor terrace which they turned into Pyvnyy Dim 1715. Many celebrities have visited Pyvnyy Dim 1715 and treated themselves to Lvivske beer.

Today, in the modern Pyvnyy Dim 1715, Lvov's residents and guests can learn what it was like being part of sophisticated society of that era, enjoy fine dining and a variety of Lvivske beers brewed at the oldest brewery in the country.

Andrey Otroshchenko, Vice President Marketing at Carlsberg Ukraine: "Late 19th century and early 20th century is a special time in the history of Lvov. During this period, the city experienced rapid cultural and industrial development. Helping the ancient city of Lion to preserve its cultural heritage, Lvivske decided to recreate the atmosphere of that era in a new place called Pyvnyy Dim 1715."